Digital tools
for the healthcare of the future

Youwell is a platform company that develops innovative digital tools for training, rehabilitation and treatment of mental and somatic disorders.

The platform is built in close collaboration with health trusts through years of clinical research, and is your tool for building and implementing future health solutions.

 "We wish you well."

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution that provides better help to patients and improved workflow for healthcare professionals.

Build and deploy digital interventions, self-help tools and healthcare on a secure cloud-based platform, for your own and the patient's benefit.


Minor Symptoms

Up to 70% experience
reduced symptoms


Treatment capacity

3 times increased treatment capacity


Less waiting time

Up to 85% reduced
costs and waiting time



Over 90% of the patients are
happy to use digital tools

Our Solutions

"The costs in the health care system increase in step with the need for mental and somatic health care, but it can be difficult to get help today when all the services are under increasing pressure. The challenges we face, we can not finance ourselves out of. There is a need for low-threshold and preventive health services that meet the patient where they are. "

In the future, we will meet a completely different patient than we do today:
aging population, increase in chronic diseases and higher expectations of the health care system.

Should we succeed in meeting the growing health challenges:
we must mobilize the patient's own resources and streamline the way we deliver health services.

The Youwell platform supports the entire value chain
Digital tools provide significantly higher efficiency improvements that benefit the patient and the healthcare system.

Better help for patients

»The patient's health service: follow-up and treatment where the patient feels safest and most taken care of, and at the same time offer the same research-based treatment regardless of location. «

Good availability and low threshold for help will reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and preventive measures.

Active patient role where own health is central
Digital tools promote an active patient role where the patient's participation and control over their own health is central.

Creates a space for interaction and makes hope and impact visible
The person in need of help, health personnel and relatives can meet and interact. It increases the motivation to carry out the plan by creating a commitment and making hope and impact visible.

Improved workflow for healthcare professionals

"New sustainable forms of work: improved workflow that increases treatment capacity and quality, time savings, better resource use and reduced costs."

Digitize work tasks

Mapping forms, self-help tools, interventions, psychoeducation, messaging and video systems, measuring progression, notifications, statistics, research and more.

Good communication, coordination and interaction

Good interaction between patient and healthcare professional, internally in the organization, and across organizations. Sharing good information provides a more efficient and successful treatment.

Easy to use

Build your own digital healthcare
Using our platform, you can easily build and use your own digital interventions, mapping forms, health services or self-help tools, and research the effect.

Adapt to the patient's needs
Adaptive and flexible tool where you can adapt the health services to the patient based on the situation and needs. 

We are your digital supporter
We help you get started, with adjustments and otherwise as needed. The Youwell platform uses open APIs and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

High quality

Built through years of clinical research
The platform is built in close collaboration with health trusts and researchers, and is an innovative and effective tool for health trusts, clinics, private practitioners and municipalities.

Follow the patient's progress and measure the outcome of the treatment
The platform has a research module where you can measure the outcome of the treatment. You can easily monitor the patient's progress and further develop the digital health service based on data.

Machine learning to predict course
In the Youwell platform, machine learning has been implemented where algorithms can predict processes.


Over 75,000 Norwegians have downloaded Tankevirus

Over 75,000 Norwegians have downloaded Thought Virus and seven out of ten experience improvement in both mental and physical health after using it. Thought virus invites the user to look at their everyday life in a new way in a...

Health service for refugees from Ukraine

Helse Bergen has taken the initiative to develop a program for Ukrainian refugees with information about possible reactions and experiences they may experience as a refugee. This program is presented and ...

Start-up of UngMeistring

We are finally working on UngMeistring, a four-year project with the goal of increasing access to mental health services for young people through digital technology. Eight digital networks and ...


Youwell has developed many digital evidence-based interventions and health services in collaboration with our partners. Several of these are available at

Among other things, we have developed digital interventions for:

About Us

Youwell focuses on coping, improvement and positive health: "We wish you well".

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of tools for developing and offering digital health services and interventions. Today's healthcare is facing a transformation from physical treatment centers to virtual ones. We will support companies in this transformation.


Youwell is currently an industry partner for INTROMAT (Helse Bergen ICT Lighthouse Project) and Forhelse - Research Center for Digital Mental Health Services (Helse Bergen's SFI). We are an innovation partner with Helse Fonna, Helse i Hardanger, Bergen municipality, University of Bergen, RBUP East and South, Solli DPS, Gard and Brorson & Sande.


«Youwell is a provider of three new health services we now offer the population: the App Thought Virus and the online programs UngSpotlight and Stressmestring. For us, this has been a new and demanding landscape to move into, and we have placed great demands on flexibility and agility on the part of the supplier. Youwell has been exemplary agile and solution-oriented all the way - and made sure that we reached our goal. "

Øystein Tveite
Project manager, Norwegian Directorate of Health

« Based on completed treatment groups with several hundred patients, HiH has experienced that the concentrated change stay together with the Youwell solution gives the patient a better understanding of their own health and health situation. The solution reduces time to follow up patients, provides faster access to data, less time to document and a good overview of the patient process. Overall, we see that with the treatment program and the use of the digital platform, we get better targeted use of the health crowns, more people back to work and a documented effect. "


Janiche Buanes Heltne
General manager, Health in Hardanger

"According to our social mission, the Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (RBUP) shall be a service for the services. Youwell's digital platform enables this, when we need to develop digital solutions. Skilled employees at Youwell have ensured that the collaboration has gone smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The result is satisfied employees and families who receive help, and positive feedback on the solutions. "


Filip Droszd
Researcher and project manager, RBUP East and South

"Just like a technology partner should be: Knowledgeable, neat and positive."


Hanne Brorson
Researcher and psychologist, Brorson & Sande

«From paper mill to digital solution! In collaboration with Youwell, we have developed the digital solution: ViMo. ViMo has collected and made available a structured social training tool for children and young people with autism spectrum disorder. In the process, Youwell has been good at getting to know our diagnostic group, so that the solution eventually became as adapted as possible to our target group. After ViMo was launched, Youwell has focused on further development, webinars, and on establishing a professional environment that can increase the focus on social training. In summary, the collaboration has digitized and made available social programs, and effective learning techniques for everyone who works with children and young people with ASD. Thank you for a good collaboration! »

Siv Marie Øyjord
The habilitation service, Helse Fonna

Tine Nordgreen
Director and psychologist specialist, Helse Bergen

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