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Youwell deltok på INTROMAT Scientific Advisory Council 2019 1.oktober.

Her bidro vi med å snakke om vår erfaring fra 3 årig samarbeid med Helse Bergen og INTROMAT. Vi fikk også anledning til å presentere våre resultater frem til i dag og hva vi forventer å skape av produkter og tjenester i årene som kommer. For mer informasjon se her:

On the first day of SAC the main theme was machine learning within the mental health sector. More specifically machine learning in real time embedded systems, data analysis and modelling, and how patient centric data can become intelligent decision support, were presented and discussed.

At the end of day 2, a Top 10 sales pitch competition was arranged. Based on this the scientific advisory council gave feedback and advice for further exploitation of results. The topics of the presented ideas ranged from different types of Internet-based self-help programs, to VR and chatbot solutions, to how one can develop ICT architecture and how to use machine learning in a clinical setting.

This year’s SAC was a great success, and we are already looking forward to the next Scientific Advisory Council meeting.

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