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Together, we build tomorrow's health service

Our ambition is to be the leading supplier of tools for developing and offering digital healthcare services and interventions. Today's healthcare system is facing growing healthcare challenges, and we want to support businesses in mobilizing the patient's own resources and making the way we deliver healthcare more efficient.

Our team

Youwell was established in 2015 and is owned by Sonat and VIS. We are a dedicated team of 7 people in-house and in the group we have 70 developers and service designers.

You take care of others. We take care of you.

The Youwell platform has been developed especially for healthcare organisations, municipalities, clinics, institutions and private practitioners, and has been built on years of clinical research. We will improve the quality and safety of the healthcare system, and increase efficiency internally as well as the delivery of their services. Youwell will build tools to increase health skills and knowledge in society, and contribute to recovery and positive health.


We at Youwell


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We are a dynamic company that is dedicated to learning how we can best deliver digital tools for our customers and users.


We want to solve significant problems by being an innovator of quality healthcare services.


Youwell is today an industry partner to INTROMAT (Helse Bergen IKT Fyrtårnprosjekt) and Forhelse - Research center for digital mental health services (Helse Bergen's SFI). We are an innovation partner with Helse Fonna, Helse i Hardanger, Bergen municipality, the University of Bergen, RBUP East and South, Solli DPS, Gard and Brorson & Sande.

Our solutions are developed in close cooperation with our partners.
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We are always looking for good talent.

Send us an email at  with your CV, a little about who you are and why you want to work with us.

Interested and want to try Youwell?
Have a chat with us.

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