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Tomorrow's healthcare service: security for everyone

Youwell is a digital platform for developing and adopting digital treatment, training and rehabilitation programmes, following up the patient in real time using a number of functions, and researching the effect of the health service.

For healthcare organisations, clinics, institutions, private practitioners and municipalities.

The platform supports the entire value chain and targets: specialists who will develop digital interventions and healthcare services.

How does it work.

Tools from first treatment to report of recovery

Therapists and supervisors

Digital aids for your health, available in your pocket

End users

Knowledge of the effect of measures and the service



In the Youwell portal, the specialists can:

  • Create your own treatment, training or rehabilitation program with text, video, sound, image, animations, tasks, documents, exercises etc.

  • Create mapping forms, self-help tools, digital health services and interventions

  • Distribute the programs to other therapists, supervisors or directly to the person in need of help and relatives

Therapists and supervisors

Therapists and supervisors who use the Youwell portal will be able to get:

  • Access to digital healthcare services developed by others

  • Possibility to assign and adapt these to their end users (customers, patients, relatives etc.)

  • Simple and secure communication in the form of messages, chat or video

  • Real-time follow-up of the end user's progress with results and answers, as well as other important functions to be able to carry out a good treatment

End users

Through an app on mobile, tablet or computer, end users and patients have access to:

  • Own program adapted by therapist

  • Calendar that shows what you have to do today, this week, month etc.

  • Safe and easy communication with your therapist or supervisor

  • Share training plans with relatives and other resource persons


In order to design the best possible health service, knowledge is needed both about each individual measure and about how the service can be organized better. Advanced research methods are often required to obtain reliable results. In the Youwell portal, researchers can:

  • User data and results from mapping forms and tasks

  • Connecting sensor technology so that data on sleep, movement, heart rate etc. can be collected and researched

  • Analyze large amounts of data

  • Using machine learning to predict trends

Why the Youwell platform.

Better help for patients

Users want to get healthy, - and stay healthy. At the same time, people should be able to live at home, and receive treatment and help to manage their lives there.

Our technology makes this possible through accessibility, quality assurance, a lower threshold for getting help, working preventively, creating a space for interaction and increasing motivation.


Improved workflow

New sustainable ways of working and improved workflow lead to increased treatment capacity, better quality and expertise, shorter feedback loops, more time for the patient, better use of resources and reduced costs.

The platform ensures good communication and interaction between patients and healthcare personnel, internally within the organization and across organisations.



Youwell is an innovative tool for developing and adopting high-quality digital interventions and healthcare services, as well as researching their effects.

The tool is adaptive, flexible and easy to use. We are your digital supporter and help you get started - whether it's development, adaptation or integration.


Youwell does everything we can to protect your data and continuously invests in data security.

We safeguard privacy and follow the Normen for information security. Our platform has carried out several penetration tests and ROS analyses, and meets the requirements to be on All transport of data takes place encrypted over HTTPS and in accordance with requirements from the National Security Authority.


The Youwell platform uses open APIs and can be easily integrated into existing and future systems.

The Youwell platform uses open APIs and can be easily integrated into existing and future systems. In this way, our solution can either function as an autonomous system that talks to existing systems, or as an additional function.  

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is a technique within artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used to solve different tasks.

In Youwell, we have implemented machine learning where algorithms can analyze large amounts of different data, which can improve the healthcare sector by providing better opportunities for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and self-help.


Efficient processes and better results,
shorter waiting lists and revised costs


Intuitive and easy to use tool
which gives you full flexibility


Can be adapted to anyone
organisation's size and needs


Impact, engagement, effect,
satisfaction and results can be measured

We're here for you

We are here to help and will guide you through the implementation process,
integration of systems and can tailor the health services to your needs.

Our team has over 80 developers and service designers behind it
who can assist in projects within digital health services.

Interested and want to try Youwell?
Have a chat with us.

Vi slår gjerne av en prat for å se på hvilke muligheter det finnes i din organisasjon!
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